Modular structures with outstanding materials and master craftsmanship.


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Cross laminated timber comes with many extraordinary qualities: sustainable, cost-effective and easily moved.
A dream to work with, in short.

Modular thinking taken to a completely new level.

Forget everything you thought you knew about prefab houses. The last decade, the whole scene has gone through major re-thinking. Gone are the cheap materials, the unattractive standards and the eternal repetition of shapes. Instead, enter new high-quality materials, modules made with attention to detail and ingenious variety.

The Scandinavian devotion to function has inspired us start with the basic human needs: sleep, food, warmth, cleanliness, love, family and friendship. From this, we’ve designed a fully integrated system of foundations, walls, roofing, doors, windows – with solid technology for everything from heating, isolation and ventilation to kitchen appliances, lighting and security.

A Scandinavian connection with nature.

Cold winters and short summers have made Swedish architects, designers and builders well aware of what it takes to create a solid, high quality home. But we’re not looking for one-sided protection from the elements.

On the contrary, we are trying to make a connection with nature with our homes. Big windows and larger door sections are essential for the light. We’ve also invested plenty in our most important building material: wood. Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is a wood panel product made from glued together solid-sawn lumber. Cut from a single log, the layers are arranged with the grain in different directions.

The end result is a solid wood wall with exceptional qualities: it is breathing, it retains warmth, it is astonishingly resistant to fire and it is 100 % recyclable. Sustainability is central to our process. CLT makes this possible.

Sustainability is central to our process. Cross laminated timber makes this possible.

Providing services for more than ourselves

We’ve established our plant and factory to produce better homes within our own system. This is where we manufacture all the components and modules. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you have a project that would benefit from our services. Our craftsmen are highly skilled in everything from material handling and carpentry to production service, assembly and transport.

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